World Timeline

The Danegian Conquest
Dwarven expansion, conquest, and cultural influence on surrounding lands, in particular those of the Doann. Greatly expanded the Daneg Empire.

The Airen Influx
As Danegian power over the Doann increases they sponsor a short lived series of Doann naval expeditions to increase trade and make contact with new groups for conversion. This leads to contact with the land of Ttang and its inhabitants, most notably the Airen. Early Daneg efforts to convert the Airen fail disastrously as they utterly reject the ideals of Maatism. While these concersion attempts are unsuccessful, Doann merchants and traders find more success, forging tentative alliances with many Airen that leads to closer cultural contact between the peoples. Many Airen soon begin accompanying Doann trading vessels back to Tanrilar Dunyasi, bringing cultural influence and especially skill in the arcane arts to the Doann. As the Airen are exposed to traditional Doannism many of them begin incorporating the Tanrilar Pantheon into their own beliefs, especially embracing the deities reviled by Maatists. Over time, the beliefs of these Airen became known as Alfusism, even if it never formally structured itself.

The Wars of Elevation
The wars waged by the Doann after receiving cultural, technological, and magical advancements from the Danegians and the Airen, during which they battled fiercely against many of the “savage” races, driving them back, and enslaved the Doar. This established the Doann Empire of Kishoy, which was quite powerful but still under some degree of control by the Daneg.

The Grand Cleansing
A series of minor wars and major purges orchestrated by the Daneg. While officially declared to be dedicated solely to expunging Alfusism fromt he land, many influential Duannists were also targeted. While ultimately unsuccessful in eliminating Alfusism, it did largely drive both it and Doannism underground or into the fringes of society. However, it also fostered longstanding resentment of the Maatist Church by many Doann and Airen.

The Cataclysm
The details of how and why are unknown to this day, but according to the Maatist Church the growth of arcane practice by the Airen and Doann is responsible. According to the church, an Alfusist mage somewhere in the hinterlands of Kishoy, probably of mixed Doann and Airen lineage caused the cataclysm through arcane experiments. Driven by the whispers of Nool Kaxan he delved into ever more forbidden magics, siphoning away the power of the gods in unprecedented amounts until his final experiment failed spectacularly.
Whatever exactly caused the Cataclysm, the effects of it are quite clear. There was no bright flash of light or other obvious initial sign, but one Midnight people were horrified to find that their loved ones who had passed away that day returned as fearful shells of their former selves. These undead as they came to be called attacked the living mercilessly and many found themselves clawed and bitten to death by the bodies of former parents, children, lovers, and friends. Still, the numbers were limited and strength of arms put down this initial wave without much trouble. However, the same occurred again the next night,and the next, and for every night since. As more and more died from natural causes and from battling these undead the situation grew ever more dire, especially as it became clear that not all returned in such simple forms. Those who who had died in unusual circumstances returned as ever more fearful undead, and many of these spread their own kind, seemingly infecting those they slew.
Eventually, the continual return of the dead began to overwhelm the defenses of the living. First small communities began to be overrun, swelling the ranks of the undead greatly and cutting off supplies from major cities. This put the world into a brief period where the walled cities stood firm, quelling the undead that rose within them, but slowly starved to death as the farmlands and outside world became a sea of undead. Eventually, cities lost contact with each other and began to fall to this effectual siege.

The Age of Cathair Dochais
Now believed by its inhabitants to be the sole refuge of the living, Cathair Dochais is a city of both great power and great conflict hemmed in on every side by the sea of undead.

World Timeline

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