The Tanrilar Pantheon

Maatism (Maatists)

The dominant religion of the city of Anangke. Spread or forced onto the various other races by the dwarves.

Alfusism (Alfusists)

Alufisism roughly fits into the basic belief structure of Maatism, but is characterized by reverence of the deities that Maatism reviles.

Doannism (Doannists)

The traditional faith of humans. Is characterized by worship and respect of all deities within the Tanrilar Pantheon as equals.

Zhuyithism (Zhuyithists)

A sect dating back to the early days of the Danegian Conquest of the Doann, likely as a native interpretation of the Danegian beliefs. It’s followers see all divine power as being split between two cosmic forces: The Antuun, or Divine, and the Chatag, or Profane. Zhuyitheists do not believe in the individual divinity of the Tanrilar Pantheon, but many (although not all) Zhuyitheists are willing to acknowledge that the Tanrilar Pantheon may represent aspects of the deities that are misinterpreted as divine entities.

Enikotheism (Enikotheists)

A recent sect that sees all of the dieties of the Maatist pantheon as different aspects of one single divine being, know simply as Deus, or God. Practitioners usually translate this into a belief that one should not interfere too heavily in the balance of the world, since this could reflect interference with the master plan of this divine being. An underlying assumption of this, that makes this sect particularly heretical in the eyes of the Maatist church, is that the channeling of cult magic is not a channeling of divine will, but instead a subversion of it through occult means. While Enikotheists may believe this, they rarely actively oppose those who wield divine magic, although this may be because of their lack of power.
Enikotheists are generally viewed as heretics and shunned, if not outright attacked, for their beliefs. As such, this sect is largely secret.


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